Allen Stone - Apart (CD)

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Allen Stone
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Allen Stone - Apart (CD) On his new acoustic album, ØAPARTÙ, Washington-based singer/songwriter Allen Stone reimagines some of his most beloved songs to date, stripping each lavishly arranged track back to the very essence of its creation. Stone describes himself as "a hippie with soul," and his music reflects both sides of this formula. His vocals and melodic style show the clear influence of classic '60s and '70s soul and R&B, while his lyrics reveal an idealism and passion that recall the folk-inspired singer / songwriters of the same era, winning praise from critics and fans alike for his throwback R&B sound and his dazzling vocals. TRACKLISTING 1. Unaware 2. Give You Blue 3. Bed I Made (feat. Alessia Cara) 4. Brown Eyed Lover 5. Lay It Down 6. Consider Me 7. American Privilege 8. Circle 9. The Wire 10. Where YouÙre At 11. I Know That I WasnÙt Right 12. Is This Love


(No reviews yet) Write a Review