Anjimile - The King (Indie Exclusive Yellow LP Vinyl)

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Anjimile - The King (Indie Exclusive Yellow LP Vinyl)

Anjimile Chithambo, better known as Anjimile, announces his new album, The King, his first full-length since 2020’s breakthrough, Giver Taker.

Highlighting the artistic shift from Giver Take to now, The King opens with a lofty, melodic choir, an intro that belies the song’s motives. Suddenly, sinister arpeggios interrupt the reverie, and the voices grow darkly serious. Deeply steeped in the confusion, grief, and rage of being Black in America, The King pushes back against the tired adage, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ hissing, “What don’t kill you almost killed you / What don’t fill you / pains you / drains you.”

1. The King
2. Mother
3. Anybody
4. Genesis
5. Animal
6. Father
7. Harley
8. Black Hole
9. I Pray
10. The Right


(No reviews yet) Write a Review