Annette Olzen - Strong (CD)

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Annette Olzen
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Annette Olzen - Strong (CD) New solo album from current The Dark Element and ex-Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon - Anette sang on Nightwish's most commercially successful studio albums and has a massive following in the symphonic metal community - Previous solo effort was a more 'pop' direction, while this new effort is firmly in the metal sphere - Produced by Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, The Ferrymen, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall) TRACKLISTING 1. Bye Bye Bye 2. Sick of You 3. I Need to Stay 4. Strong 5. Parasite 6. Sad Lullaby 7. Fantastic Fanatic 8. Who Can Save Them 9. Catcher of My Dreams 10. Hear Them Roar 11. Roll the Dice


(No reviews yet) Write a Review