Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Beverly Glenn-Copeland (CD)

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Beverly Glenn-Copeland
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Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Beverly Glenn-Copeland (CD)

Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s 1971 self-titled album is a folky jazz record that stands out for his sublime high vocals.

The 11 tracks were recorded with an all-star band consisting of Dough Bush, Don Thompson, Terry Clark, Lenny Breau, Jeremy Steig and Doug Riley. Since releasing, this record, alongside 1970’s Beverly Copeland, have become widely sought after by collectors.

Revered as modern jazz-folk masterpieces, both records have now been remastered and re-cut for release by Guy Davie.

1. Don't Despair Color of Anyhow
2. Ghost House
3. Complainin' Blues
4. Swords of Gold
5. Song From Beads
6. Cumberland Passing
7. My Old Rag or the Hysterical Virgin
8. Erzili


(No reviews yet) Write a Review