Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project (Black 2LP Vinyl)

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Bruce Dickinson
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Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project (Black 2LP Vinyl)

Renowned around the world as one of the greatest and most distinctive heavy metal vocalists of all time, Bruce Dickinson will be releasing a brand new solo album on 1st March 2024 on BMG Records. Entitled The Mandrake Project it sees him reunited with long-time musical collaborator and producer Roy Z. The Mandrake Project will be Dickinson’s seventh solo album and his first since Tyranny Of Souls in 2005. The Mandrake Project is a dark, adult story of power, abuse and a struggle for identity, set against a backdrop of scientific and occult genius.

1. Afterglow Of Ragnarok
2. Many Doors To Hell
3. Rain On The Graves
4. Resurrection Men
5. Fingers In the Wounds
6. Eternity Has Failed
7. Mistress Of Mercy
8. Face In The Mirror
9. Shadow Of The Gods
10. Sonata (Immortal Beloved)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review