Cabaret Voltaire - Dekadrone (Vinyl)

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Cabaret Voltaire
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Cabaret Voltaire - Dekadrone (Vinyl) Cabaret Voltaire is Richard H. Kirk and ØShadow of FearÙ was the bandÙs first studio album in 26 years, released in 2020 to critical acclaim. ØDekadroneÙ delves deeper into Cabaret VoltaireÙs arsenal of Üharsh rhythms and threatening detonationsÝ (Classic Pop). ØShadow of FearÙ is a brash and confident rebirthæ Richard H. Kirk has chosen a good time to revive the CabsÙ ominous industrial funkÝ - Uncut (8-) ÜMasterclass in shapeshifting discoæ clinches these industrial shadow-dwellersÙ influenceÝ - Mojo (4/5) ÜKirk is intent on pushing forward, ensuring that the hints of familiarity never come with an accompanying tang of comforting nostalgia.Ý - The Guardian (4/5) TRACKLISTING 2LP 1. Phase one 2. Phase two 3. Phase three 4. Phase four


(No reviews yet) Write a Review