Coterie - Coterie (Pink Marbled Vinyl) (LP)

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Coterie - Coterie (Pink Marbled Vinyl) (LP) Coterie are four Maori brothers, who call Perth home, who love to tell stories through lyrics drawn though real-life experiences, with soulful harmonies only a family bond could produce! TRACKLIST SIDE A 1. Shakin’ Her Body 2. Cool It Down 3. Honey Dance with Me 4. Deja Vu 5. Stepping Stone 6. West Coast Drive 7. Always Beside You (feat. SIX60) SIDE B 1. For The People 2. Feelin’ It 3. Accidental Love 4. Sunkissed World 5. Killing It Off 6. Shame 7. Purea / Cool It Down


(No reviews yet) Write a Review