Dan Sultan - Dan Sultan (CD CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

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Dan Sultan
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Dan Sultan is the long-awaited fifth studio record from award-winning artist, Dan Sultan. Taking control of his life during a chapter of chaos and darkness in 2018, Sultan emerged from a period of intense rehabilitation and self-reflection more focused than ever; a focus that threaded itself beautifully through his artistry while elevating his life as a now-sober partner, father and friend. The new album chronicles this life-altering journey across 11 heartfelt tracks - songs rooted in honesty, coupled with rich, evocative vocals and harmonies, and skilled arrangements. There are moments of sorrow, hard confrontation and reflection, yet there also exists an outpouring of love, humility and grace felt throughout the album. An intensely personal release, Sultan’s first ever self-titled album is a masterful work of art and the ultimate mirror held up to oneself.

1. Story
2. Won’t Give You That
3. Wait In Love
4. Ringing In My Ears
5. Fortress feat. Julia Stone
1. Chance To Lose Control
2. Rise Up
3. Saint Nor Sinner
4. Boats
5. Undreamt Shores
6. Lashings


(No reviews yet) Write a Review