Delgres - 4:00 Am (Vinyl)

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Delgres - 4:00 Am (Vinyl) French three-piece Delgres, who combine Guadeloupean heritage with New Orleans Creole and blues, present their latest album, 4:00 AM. Taking their name from Louis Delgrès, a major force in the fight against slavery in the French Caribbean, Delgres formed in 2016 when singer, songwriter and guitarist Pascal Danaë met drummer Baptiste Brondy and soubassophone player Rafgee. TRACKLISTING 1. 4 Ed Maten 2. Aleas 3. Assez Assez 4. Se Mo La 5. Lundi Mardi Mercredi 6. Ban Mwen On Chanson 7. Just Vote For Me 8. Ke Aw 9. Libere Mwen Chorale 10. L Ecole 11. Lese Mwen Ale 12. La Penn


(No reviews yet) Write a Review