Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellow (Vinyl)

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Emma-Jean Thackray
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Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellow (Vinyl) The debut album by Emma-Jean Thackray feels exactly like the sort of thing weÙve been longing for over the last 12 months: a transcendent, human, shared experience. Across its 49 minutes, Yellow draws glowing lines between Ø70s jazz fusion and P-Funk, the cosmic invocations of Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane, and the gorgeous orchestration of the Beach Boys. TRACKLISTING 1. Mercury 2. Say Something 3. About That 4. Venus 5. Green Funk 6. Third Eye 7. May There Be Peace 8. Sun 9. Golden Green 10. Spectre 11. Rahu & Ketu 12. Yellow 13. Our People 14. Mercury (In Retrograde)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review