Erika De Casier - Sensational (Vinyl)

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Erika De Casier
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Erika De Casier - Sensational (Vinyl) Copenhagen-based songwriter and producer Erika de Casier has announced details of her second full-length studio album. Sensational, which includes recent singles ØNo Butterflies, No NothingÙ and ØDramaÙ. Sensational expands the universe of de CasierÙs 2019 self-released debut album ØEssentialsÙ. Where ØEssentialsÙ dealt more with the infatuation stages of love, ØSensationalÙ has more of an attitude, aiming to dismantle the stereotype of single women looking for love, tackling relationship dramas and the toxicity of dating. It was a chance to rewrite scenarios in ways that empowered her, fantasising about what couldÙve been. Born in Portugal to Belgian and Cape Verdean parents and raised in Denmark, Erika de Casier initially made her mark as an ally of the Regelbau collective (home to Danish house acts DJ Sports, C.K and Central) before writing, co-producing and releasing debut album, ØEssentialsÙ, through her own Independent Jeep label. TRACKLISTING 1. Drama 2. Polite 3. Make My Day 4. All You Talk About 5. Insult Me 6. No Butterflies, No Nothing 7. Someone To Chill With 8. Acceptance (intermezzo) 9. Better Than That 10. Friendly 11. Secretly 12. Busy 13. Call Me Anytime


(No reviews yet) Write a Review