Felivand - Ties (LP)

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Felivand - Ties (LP) Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist FELIVAND’s debut album, Ties, out August 5 via Sweat It Out. Throughout her forthcoming debut album, Ties, FELIVAND’s song writing leans towards poeticism, nuance, and the metaphorical. Between soundscapes of rich bass lines, warm, jazz-flickered chords, harmonic vocal stacks and crisp percussion, she ruminates on knotty questions of mental health, spirituality, interpersonal connections and her own place in the world. TRACKLIST 1. Way Out 2. Stolen Seats 3. Not My Way 4. Safe Here 5. Butterfly Wings 6. Where Were You 7. Big Little 8. Ripple Effect 9. Lately 10. My Cool 11. Ride Home 12. Seasons


(No reviews yet) Write a Review