Filter - The Algorithm (Black Vinyl LP VINYL ALBUM)

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Filter - The Algorithm (Black Vinyl LP VINYL ALBUM)

Platinum-selling, post-industrial/alternative rock pioneers, Filter release their eagerly-anticipated new album, 'The Algorithm', on August 25th. The album, their first in seven years, is a tight conceptual statement heralding career-best songwriting from creative mastermind Richard Patrick and giving the classic Filter sound a modern sonic edge. ‘The Algorithm’ is stuffed with eleven mini-epics of speaker-shattering proportions, replete with dynamic power chords, monstrously heavy riffs, and soaring anthemic choruses. It is a musical statement to rival their previous critical and commercial highwater marks, ‘Short Bus’ and ‘Title Of Record’. Featuring the singles “Obliteration”, “Face Down” and “For The Beaten”.


Side A
1. The Drowning
2. Up Against The Wall
3. For The Beaten
4. Obliteration
5. Say it Again
6. Face Down
Side B
1. Summer Child
2. Threshing Floor
3. Be Careful What You Wish For
4. Burn Out The Sun
5. Command Z


(No reviews yet) Write a Review