Globe Trekker - Great Journeys (DVD)

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Globe Trekker
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Our Globetrekker teams have travelled around the world to show you the most amazing places the global traveller can visit, but isn't the getting there just as fun as the final destination?


In this fascinating documentary, come with the team as they embark on some of the world's great journeys, traveling through breath-taking scenery to reach their destinations. The Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Alaska, Argentina, Iran, Ethiopia, Iran and Mexico’s Copper Canyon are just some of the locations our intrepid team journey to.

Join them as they traverse the world by air, rail and road, picking up some pretty colourful characters en route including huskies, priests, soldiers and tribesmen to name but a few.


In Road Warriors, the team tackles all kinds of roads and the various modes of traveling them. The off-road section brings you the greatest travel by 4-wheel drive vehicle, from the Sahara Desert to Outback Australia, on to debatably the worst roads in the world - in Zaire and then navigating 4,500 square miles of salt plains in Bolivia, being careful not to plunge into the salty lake beneath. Next, they take on the taxis of the world in all their manifestations: from rooftop rides in Cambodia, to the wildly colourful vehicles in Haiti and the ox and cart on La Digue in the Seychelles.

Discover that wherever you go, the art of negotiation is still the same!
This Guide highlights the roads to take in a life of travel … and which ones to avoid!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review