Haai - Baby We'Re Ascending (CD)

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Haai - Baby We'Re Ascending (CD) HAAi's debut full-length album is her most collaborative, energetic and vibrant collection to date. 'Baby, We're Ascending' is a 13-track sonic adventure that takes you along for the ride, fromhardcore, echoey beats to sweeping, colourful synth lines and bright, warped vocal samples. The voices on the album are vast and eclectic - from Jon Hopkins and Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor to singer Obi Franky and spoken word poet and activist Kai-Isaiah Jamal. The album follows the release of 'Lights Out', her collaboration with GRAMMY-nominated producer Fred Again.. and Romy of The xx, and is supported by a series of worldwide shows. TRACKLISTING 1. Channels 2. Pigeon Barron 3. Bodies Of Water 4. Human Sound (feat. Kai-Isaiah Jamal & Obi Franky) 5. Louder Always Better 6. Biggest Mood Ever (feat. Alexis Taylor) 7. AM 8. FM 9. I’ve Been Thinking A Lot Lately 10. Purple Jelly Disc (feat. Obi Franky) 11. Baby, We’re Ascending 12. Orca 13. Tardigrade


(No reviews yet) Write a Review