Iggy Azalea - The End Of An Era (Deluxe) (Red/Blue/Purple LP Vinyl)

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Iggy Azalea
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Iggy Azalea - The End Of An Era (Deluxe) (Red/Blue/Purple LP Vinyl)

After a meteoric rise over the past decade, acclaimed Australian rapper Iggy Azalea drops the third and (possibly) final album, The End of an Era.

Signifying a time to potentially take a step back from music, Iggy surely doesn't go out without a bang.

With standout hits such as "Brazil," "Iam The Stripclub," and "Sex on the Beach (featuring Sophia Scott)," the 14 track album is filled with bangers returning to the sound of her mixtape roots. Features include BIA, Sophia Scott and Ellise.

The deluxe edition artwork also features the statue, but shows Azalea lying in an inflatable chair in the middle of a pool. She is surrounded by drowning men and banknotes, a reference to the film The Great Gatsby


(No reviews yet) Write a Review