Iowa (DVD)

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Iowa (Dvd)
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A cautionary tale of love, crime, fantasy and addiction.

The story of two young Americans who decide to go into the "batch" business - cooking their own methamphetamine - only to watch it burn a searing hole in their lives.

Following the suspicious death of his father, Esper (Matt Farnsworth) and his lover Donna (Diane Foster) have been made recent beneficiaries to a large sum of insurance money. In a bid to escape their small town existence, they plunge into the world of crystal meth, soon becoming addicts. But a dirty local parole officer, Larry (Michael T. Weiss), in cahoots with Esper’s mother, Effie (Rosanna Arquette), wants the money for himself. After conspiring to murder Esper’s father, they must now get rid of Esper who finally snaps out of his drug-crazed delusion and decides he is not going down without a fight!

Winner of Best Picture at the Midwest Independent Film Festival, IOWA is a tale of love, violence and revenge, all played against an unnerving Midwestern backdrop to create one disturbing, but real story unlike any seen in recent filmmaking.

Starring Matt Farnsworth, Diane Foster (Descendant), Rosanne Arquette (Desperately Seeking Susan, The L Word), John Savage (The Deer Hunter, The Godfather: Part III), Michael T. Weiss (The Pretender).

Production Year - 2006
Length – 98 mins
Rated – MA
Country of Origin – USA
Director – Matt Farnsworth
Producer – Matt Farnsworth

EXTRAS - 82 minutes
Theatrical Trailer
Documentaries by director Matt Farnsworth - Poor Man’s Dope and Dying For Meth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review