Jitwam - Third (LP Indie Exclusive Yellow LP LP)

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Jitwam - Third (LP Indie Exclusive Yellow LP LP) Jitwam’s signature style covers a broad spectrum of all sounds, bouncing between dance-floor tempos, jazz influences and soulful beatscapes. ‘Confidence’ adds another high-powered layer to Jitwam’s back catalogue, expanding on his beat-making abilities to incorporate tight production with modulated vocals, launching his craft into new heights. Rich in melody and infectious in rhythm, ‘Confidence’ pays homage to time spent in London and New York, drawing from the bustling metropolitan influences that have allowed Jitwam to understand and experiment with busy instrumentalism. Speaking to the release, Jitwam reveals “Confidence is that swag in your step. A mantra to your true self to get up and shake the cosmic blues from your head to your toes. A psychedelic brasilian samba-funk odyssey to wake up your booty, and wake up your mind. All u gotta, is do it once now...". ‘Confidence’ follows Jitwam’s last single ‘Brooklyn Ballers’ which garnered support from the likes of NME, Clash Magazine, Pilerats, Sniffers, DJ Mag, Purple Sneakers and Balamii Radio amongst others, alongside a house-fuelled remix from New York’s musclecars. Evoking memories of finding peace within the chaos of daily life, Third skips across genres nimbly with a drunken bravado collecting along the way influences from Latin music, soul, punk, and disco. ‘Confidence’ is another showcase of how Jitwam has carved out a path unto himself - a welcome and indulgent path to ruminate and wander down. For Jitwam, his career in music has always felt predestined. The first record he bought - a $2 blank white-label vinyl - turned out to be a Moodymann track, a discovery he made around the same time he found out his music would be featured on Moodymann’s DJ Kicks compilation. Finding success through two LPs, ‘????? ????’ and Honeycomb, and acclaimed tracks including ‘WhereYouGonnaGo’ and ‘busstop’ Jitwam has become a mainstay of the underground, having guested on NTS, WorldWide FM, BBC6 Music amongst others. Cementing himself as a global sector, live performer and label front at The Jazz Diaries, he has also remixed Laraaji, collaborated with Folamour - whose Boiler Room has had nearly a million views - as well as Cosmo’s Midnight on Defected Records, alongside a feature track on the renowned compilation ‘Fabric Presents… Maribou State’.. TRACKLISTING 1. India 2. Confidence 3. The Get Down 4. LALALA 5. Equanimity (feat. Melanie Charles) 6. Money & Things!!! 7. Brooklyn Ballers 8. Stranger Danger (In the Streets of Life) 9. Hey Papi 10. Maryjane


(No reviews yet) Write a Review