Joan As Police Woman - Cover Two (Vinyl)

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Joan As Police Woman
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Joan As Police Woman - Cover Two (Vinyl) Wildly acclaimed Brooklyn songwriter Joan As Police Woman returns with her new album ØCover TwoÙ. This is JoanÙs second album reinterpreting songs by other artists and, once again, the choices are unpredictable and intriguing. ÜA voice so wondrous and moving that it makes everyone elseÙs seem ordinary and mundaneÝ - The Guardian ÜBeautifulÝ - Q ÜJoan As Police Woman is one of the 21st CenturyÙs best musiciansÝ - The Economist TRACKLISTING 1. Kiss (Prince) 2. Spread (Outkast) 3. Under Control (The Strokes) 4. Not The Way (Cass McCombs) 5. I Keep ForgettinÙ (Michael Macdonald) 6. LifeÙs What You Make It (Talk Talk) 7. Out of Time (Blur) 8. On The Beach (Neil Young) 9. There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs) 10. Running (Gil ScottHeron)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review