John Smith - Hummingbird (CD)

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John Smith
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John Smith - Hummingbird (CD) ÓHummingbirdÝ, the new album from UK-based critically acclaimed folk maestro John smith is out now. Hummingbird, Smiths purest, most elegant set of recordings to date is a moving mix of modern day folk tunes and other traditional songs that reach as far back as the 15th century. John Smith is an independent musician who has toured the world for almost fifteen years with a guitar and suitcase. He has independently released five albums and won critical acclaim in the UK and abroad, as well as playing as a session guitarist and singer for the likes of Joan Baez, Lisa Hannigan and Martin Simpson. This album was released on March 22, 2019. We are bringing in physical stock to coincide with Australian tour dates. TRACKLISTING 1.Hummingbird 2.Lowlands Of Holland 3.Boudica 4.Hares On The Mountain 5.Lord Franklin 6.Master Kilby 7.The Time Has Come 8.Willy Moore 9.Axe Mountain (Revisited) 10. Unquiet Grave


(No reviews yet) Write a Review