Kambrium - Kambrium (Jewelcase) (CD)

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Kambrium - Kambrium (Jewelcase) (CD) Welcome to the new era of KAMBRIUM. A new musicalworld will be entered. Standstill is not an option! Modern synthwave sounds meet a precisely timed drum machine, guitars become clocks of new cyber hardness and diabolic vocals fight against the bright voices of futuristiceuphoria. All this encloses the familiar core of Kambrium: Epic Death Metal. This album is not just new music - it is your soundtrack for thefuture that you hold in your hands! Cybernetic Overload marks the beginning of a new era for Kambrium. It is a fast and majestic hell of a song, with an epic chorus that you wonât forget! Nightly Beast Mode is maybe one of the most catchiest songs ever written by Kambrium. This song tells a story about a man who wants to be a hero, while beeing the worst enemy you can imagine. Ghost Of The Machine is deeply inspired by Alita: Battle Angel. A young girl follows a call and enters a destroyed spaceship to find her true android-body that belongs to her. TRACKLISTING 1. Neon Death (Intro) 2. Cybernetic Overload 3. Shadow Construct 4. Creator Of Dreams 5. Nature, Error: 404 6. Ghost Of The Machine 7. To The Core 8. Holographic Satisfaction 9. Synthetic ERA 10. Nightly Beast Mode 11. Transcendence 12. After It All


(No reviews yet) Write a Review