Ladaniva - Ladaniva (Standard CD Vinyl)

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Ladaniva - Ladaniva (Standard CD Vinyl)

Ladaniva's music draws on influences from around the world, from traditional Balkan music to maloya, jazz and reggae, with strong roots in Armenian folklore; as heard on their new self-titled album.

They create irresistible melodies borrowed as much from tradition as from modernity.

In 2019 they released the video, ‘Kef Chilini’, which has accrued more than 25 million views on YouTube.

The alias Ladaniva refers to a Russian 4x4 sold in Eastern Europe since the Cold War. A wink to Central Europe from where they draw many of their musical influences.

1. Manoushak
2. Shakar
3. Narek
4. Wayo Waya
5. Je t'aime tellement
6. Jako
7. Yerku Mas
8. Ne Do Sna
9. Je Voulais
10. Taïga
11. La Montagne


(No reviews yet) Write a Review