Leon Bridges - Gold-Diggers Sound (Vinyl Album) (LP)

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Leon Bridges
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Leon Bridges - Gold-Diggers Sound (Vinyl Album) (LP) Gold Diggers Sound is a literal place: a studio, speakeasy style bar and hotel on an unassuming block in Los Angeles, California. Itâs also where Grammy Award winning R&B artist and songwriter Leon Bridges engaged in his most productive recording sessions, jamming with homies like Terrace Martin and Ricky Reed and bringing his new album to fruition. Gold-Diggers Sound collects stories from Leon Bridgesâ life. Every song is a reflection of his experiences and relationships. Itâs sexual and introspective; modern and psychedelic. Itâs a vibe that travels from ÓSho Nuff,Ý a sensual number that he calls an exploration into Óhow to please one anotherÝ; to ÓSweeter,Ý a delicately heartbreaking mediation inspired by the continued police killings of Black men. TRACKLISTING SIDE A 1. Born Again 2. Motorbike 3. Steam 4. Why Donât You Touch Me 5. Magnolias SIDE B 1. Gold-Diggers (Juniorâs Fanfare) 2. Details 3. Sho Nuff 4. Sweeter (Ft Terrace Martin) 5. Donât Worry (Ft Ink) 6. Blue Mesas


(No reviews yet) Write a Review