Louis Tomlinson - Faith In The Future (Deluxe CD Zine CD)

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Louis Tomlinson
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Louis Tomlinson - Faith In The Future (Deluxe CD Zine CD) Following the international success of his 2020 debut album, Walls, which has sold over 1.2 million copies, Louis Tomlinson is back with his new record, Faith In The Future. On his ambitious second effort, the 30-year-old has carefully created a collection of songs designed for the live environment while simultaneously taking his artistry to new heights. On Faith In The Future, Tomlinson shows off his multi-faceted songwriting capabilities while still being distinctly authentic across the entirety of the genre-spanning record, which exudes confidence at every turn. Louis has never been more assured artistically, and he has every right to be after uncompromisingly expanding his wings and evolving on his head-turning new outing. TRACKLISTING 1. The Greatest 2. Written All Over Your Face 3. Bigger Than Me 4. Lucky Again 5. Face The Music 6. Chicago 7. Common People 8. Out Of My System 9. Angels Fly 10. Saturdays 11. Silver Tongues 12. She Is Beauty We Are World Class 13. All This Time 14. Thats The Way Love Goes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review