Mark Pritchard - Mp Productions - Ep 1 (Vinyl)

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Mark Pritchard
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Mark Pritchard - Mp Productions - Ep 1 (Vinyl) Mark Pritchard returns with a six-track, club-ready EP fronted by first offering ØBe Like WaterÙ. Most of the tracks on this EP were first played in his WXAXRXP NTS mix last year. ØMP Productions - EP 1Ù sees Pritchard dip into a slew of alias that have kept him busy over the years. This new club 12Ý nods to his mesmerising formulas for making dance music, carrying the listener through a collection of styles informed by grime, dancehall, electro and techno. ØMP Productions - EP 1Ù is a consolidation of the eclectic style Pritchard has explored throughout his career; from his club music to albums like ØUnder The SunÙ (2016) featuring artists like Thom Yorke and Linda Perhacs and ØThe Four WorldsÙ (2018) to the Global Communication project with Tom Middleton (which was recently rereleased via their Evolution label). TRACKLISTING 1. Be Like Water 2. Rakatak 3. J Is For _ _ _ _ 4. LFO Special 5. One Way Mirror 6. In My Heart


(No reviews yet) Write a Review