Matteo Bocelli - Matteo (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

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Matteo Bocelli
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Matteo Bocelli - Matteo (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Five years after his first single release – "Fall on Me" with Andrea Bocelli – and two years after he stepped into the spotlight with his first “Solo” single, Matteo Bocelli will release his debut album Matteo. Set for September 22 release by Capitol Records, the 12-track album showcases a mix of songs in English and Italian, with writing and production contributions from Ed & Matthew Sheeran, PARISI (Ed Sheeran, Fred Again), Jesse Shatkin (Miley Cyrus, Sia, Kelly Clarkson) and Stuart Crichton (Kesha, Backstreet Boys, Louis Tomlinson), among others.

1. For You
2. Beautiful Disaster
3. Fasi
4. I’m Here
5. Luccica
6. Me Or You
7. Chasing Stars
8. Resti Di Un'Estate
9. Piove (Solo L’Amore)
10. Better Now
11. Quella Sbagliata
12. Honesty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review