Midnight Oil - Resist (CD)

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Midnight Oil
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Midnight Oil - Resist (CD) Nearly 20 years after their last full length studio release, Australiaâs iconic Midnight Oil will finally return on February 18 with a brand-new album, aptly titled RESIST. In signature style these dozen tracks tackle a slew of urgent issues. From opener, ÜRising Seasâ through ÜLast Frontierâ which closes the set, recurring themes include climate crisis, environmental degradation and the role of citizens alive to the immense challenges of our times. Moods stretch from the wilderness reverie of ÜTarkineâ and the poignant ÜLost At Seaâ to the anthemic protest celebration ÜWe Resistâ while the albumâs musical span is equally broad, encompassing slashing guitars in new single ÜAt The Time Of Writingâ and brooding synthetic textures in ÜWe Are Not Afraidâ. Thereâs even a threepart epic called ÜThe Barka-Darling Riverâ that keeps delivering surprising twists as it snakes along. RESIST is Midnight Oilâs 15th studio release since they first exploded out of the post-punk scene back in 1978, blazing a singular trail of blistering gigs from Australiaâs pubs and clubs to arenas and festivals around the world. It is a fitting, forward looking, statement for a band whose clarion call has always been Óitâs better to die on your feet than live on your kneesÝ. Featuring stellar production by Warne Livesey (DIESEL & DUST, BLUE SKY MINING, CAPRICORNIA) RESIST will be accompanied by some special live performances that will comprise the groupâs final concert tour. TRACKLISTING 1. Rising Seas 2. The Barka-Darling River 3.Tarkine 4. At The Time of Writing 5. Nobodyâs Child 6. To the Ends of the Earth 7. Reef 8. We Resist 9. Lost At Sea 10. Undercover 11. We Are Not Afraid 12. Last Frontier


(No reviews yet) Write a Review