Mira Calix - Absent Origin (Vinyl)

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Mira Calix
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Mira Calix - Absent Origin (Vinyl) Mira Calix, the talented multi-disciplinary artist with work in sound design and electronica, a long history with Warp Records as well as having provided abstract scores to Julius Caesar and Coriolanus with The Royal Shakespeare Company. She approaches sound as a sculptor approaches a block of marble, capable of embracing chaos with an astute, form-finding vision. Her first full-length album in quite some time, aöbösöeönötö origin sees Calix engaging with a new musical language, of which the sources are tantalisingly fuzzy - translating the visual techniques of collage into an auditory assemblage of fractured but rhythmic sounds and texture with nods to post punk and avant pop. The lines between electronic and organic are continually blurred throughout. Finger-clicks and ghostly choral vocals trace out an alien rhythm on Øa mark of resistanceÙ, as strange, mouthy pops and squeaks mesh with jarring samples and synth lines in a cacophony of stimuli. The spirit of dance music animates the plethora of noises on the album, bringing to mind the household techno of Herbert via Schoenberg on the likes of Ønkosezane - for my daddyÙ and Øfundamental thingsÙ. The eschatological coda ØiÙm in love with the end of the worldÙ brings the album to an eerily sweet end of looping voices, as the 30-second sketch ØsurrenderÙ closes aöbösöeönötö origin with a clinking thud. Mira CalixÙs creativity knows no bounds, and aöbösöeönötö origin proves yet again that she can surprise listeners whilst maintaining her own distinct sound. TRACKLISTING 1. a mark of resistance 2. there is always a girl with a secret 3. silence is silver 4. bower of bliss 5. wooddrifts 6. nkosezane - for my daddy 7. like Jenga (only it reaches all the way to the sky and itÙs made of knives) 8. doggerland (between the acts) 9. fundamental things 10. fractions fractured factions 11. iÙm in love with the end 12. surrender 13. GARGLE (command V) 14. dishàng shuãng (edit) 15. transport me 16. an infinite thurm (archipelago) 17. the abandoned colony collapsed my world


(No reviews yet) Write a Review