Mndsgn - Snaxxx (Standard LP Vinyl)

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Mndsgn - Snaxxx (Standard LP Vinyl)

Prolific LA-based musician and producer Mndsgn returns with the third installment in his series of "Snax" records – Snaxxx.

Looser and more freeform than Mndsgn's LPs, the “Snax” series has all the hallmarks of the artist and producer's style – rhythmic flair, ear worming melodies, and whimsical sense of humor – all in bite-sized, snackable format.

Snaxxx follows Mndsgn’s three albums and two Snax records on Stones Throw.

Features include Liv.e, Kendrick Lamar collaborator Anna Wise and Devin Morrison


(No reviews yet) Write a Review