Moonspell - Hermitage (Jewelcase) (CD)

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Moonspell - Hermitage (Jewelcase) (CD) "MOONSPELL is approaching their 30th anniversary as a band more ambitiously and stronger than ever. Hermitage Ü the gothic metal pioneersÜ13th studio album Ü was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at the Orgone Studios in the UK. Building upon the albumâs dark, revolutionary and sensitive facets, itâs an entertaining yet epic journey through the darkest days of human existence. Beautifully crafted tracks such as ÓThe Greater GoodÓ show us the modernity of the wolves in 2021, while ÓCommon PrayersÓ embraces the MOONSPELL tradition of writing a dark, gothic metal song like no other band can. ÓAll Or NothingÓ brings back the ethereal and melodic sounds of MOONSPELL, served by a beautiful musical landscape, making it most likely one of the deepest and most sincerely heart-breaking tunes the Portuguese dark metal titans have ever written. But of course, they donÜt stray away from their metal roots, especially influenced by underground metal bands like Bathory on tracks like the bombastic and epic metal anthem ÓHermit SaintsÓ! Hermitage is a revolutionary, wonderfully intuitive and epic journey by one of the most distinctive dark metal bands of all time, and a testament to what theyâve always loved the most: Honest, emotional metal that binds us even in the darkest times." TRACKLISTING 1. The Greater Good 2. Common Prayers 3. All or Nothing 4. Hermitage 5. Entitlement 6. Solitarian 7. The Hermit Saints 8. Apophthegmata 9. Without Rule 10. City Quitter (Outro)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review