Niagara - Parva Naturalia (Vinyl)

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Niagara - Parva Naturalia (Vinyl) A compilation of tracks from out-of-print 12Ýs and rare CD-Rs from the Lisbon-based trio. The tracks are united by a sense of live improvisation with electronic gear, even as they stylistically run a wide gamut, taking in mutant disco, raw acid, post-punk, lo-fi house, tropical ambient and unclassifiable experiments in sound. Most closely associated with their home cityÙs Principe Discos label, Niagara have also self-released a number of homemade CD-Rs on their own Ascender imprint, and recently dropped Veneza, a collection of beatless excursions recorded at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Parva Naturalia follows an album of brand new ambient pieces, Magna Moralia, released as a limited edition cassette and digital edition on Disciples in December 2021. TRACKLISTING 1. SEE 2. Islington Inn 3. Félix 3 (Guarda-Costas) 4. 3 5. Tribunal 6. Jordão 7. Orion 8. Calor 9. Incendiada


(No reviews yet) Write a Review