Nils Frahm - Durton (CD)

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Nils Frahm
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Nils Frahm - Durton (CD) Recorded almost two decades ago, Durton–a pun on 'Dur Ton' (German for the impractical concept of a 'major note') –takes its name, as did Frahm's original Berlin studio, from the first piece of music he ever released. Nils Frahm has announced the release of three albums of rare early recordings, many of which have been unobtainable for years, some of which have never been released at all, and none of which have ever appeared on streaming services. Streichelfischwill return to vinyl for the first time since its original 2005 pressing, and Durton, pairs tracks from 2006's digital only My First EP with five previously unheard compositions, while Electric Piano contains seven tracks originally released by Leiter –the label set up by Frahm and his manager, Felix Grimm –and will be available for purchase as separate LPs / CDs. Tracklistings: Now Fast Be Slow Neuse Durton My Childhood Was Short But Nice VacuUm Rarely Happens Last Call Tango TNT Personal Lift


(No reviews yet) Write a Review