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Novo (Dvd)
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'Novo' is a refreshingly risque comedy that explores the notion of romance between two people when only one of them can remember each encounter. Graham suffers from short-term memory loss, but when Irene, a temp who works at the same office, falls for his spontaneous charm the two begin an odd relationship where Irene must remember everything for the both of them. For Graham every time is the first time, but for Irene, it's the forgotten details of Graham's life before his accident that has her worried. Details like a wife and child.

Jean Pierre Limosin

Paz Vega, Eduardo Noriega, Anna Mouglalis, Nathalie Richard, Eric Caravaca

Year 2002
Genre Thriller
Catalogue Number 198468
Running Time 98 mins
Rating MA
Format Widescreen
Special Features Scene selection, Trailer, Alternate Ending Sequence, Araki: An insight, Shunga: History of Japanese Erotica in pictures, Nawa Shibari: The Beauty of Bondage.
Subtitles English
Language French
System PAL


(No reviews yet) Write a Review