Obscura Hail - Siren/Zero (Vinyl)

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Obscura Hail
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Obscura Hail - Siren/Zero (Vinyl) Obscura Hail - the Melbourne-via-Wollongong indie rock trio, helmed by musician Sean Conran, have combined their two latest digital EPs, the brand new Siren and last NovemberÙs Zero, on to 12" vinyl. Over an untold number of late-night recording sessions in an evolving ad-hoc home studio, Conran has amassed a rich musical archive of alternating styles and an obsessive commitment to song-writing as a craft. The full Obscura Hail band displays cross-sections of ConranÙs personal routine. Balanced out by Tamara Issa (bass, vocals) and Kaelan Edmond (drums), Obscura Hail combines biting guitars, beautiful harmonies, atmospheric acoustic percussion, loops and drum machines to deliver something dynamic and existentially curated. TRACKLISTING 1. Doomer 2. Idle Hands 3. Penumbra 4. Uniform 5. Town Cryer 6. Swear Jar 7. Goth 8. Sex Appeal 9. The Thin Man 10. Psychic Cemetery


(No reviews yet) Write a Review