Oneohtrix Point Never - Again (Black 2LP Vinyl)

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Oneohtrix Point Never
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Oneohtrix Point Never - Again (Black 2LP Vinyl)

Oneohtrix Point Never, aka Daniel Lopatin, has announced his new album Again.

In Lopatin’s words, the album is in part “a speculative autobiography,” a transmission, a spellbound backwash of digital languages and sonic paranoias, what’s remembered and what’s forgotten, all presented in OPN’s trademark melodic touch.

Much like 2015’s Garden of Delete, Again germinated as a collaboration between Lopatin’s current and younger selves - this time, a meditation on his musical identity during young adulthood from the perspective of middle age.

For 2023 international touring, Oneohtrix Point Never presented a new solo live show titled Rebuilds which repurposed seminal tracks from his catalogue in sonic discourse with newer releases. He was accompanied by live visuals performed by long-time collaborator Nate Boyce who developed a new real-time animation system that updates the graphical themes dating back to their earliest collaborations from over a decade ago. Lopatin is set to debut a brand-new live show in early 2024, in collaboration with the video artist Freeka Tet, and with performances planned globally.

1. Elseware
2. Again
3. World Outside
4. Krumville
5. Locrian Midwest
6. Plastic Antique
7. Gray Subviolet
8. The Body Trail
9. Nightmare Paint
10. Memories Of Music
11. On An Axis
12. Ubiquity Road
13. A Barely Lit Path


(No reviews yet) Write a Review