Orlando Weeks - A Quickening (Vinyl)

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Orlando Weeks
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Orlando Weeks - A Quickening (Vinyl) Orlando Weeks, former frontman with Maccabees, releases his debut solo album A Quickening. As the birth of Orlando WeeksÙ son drew near, he wanted to try to make sense of an experience that is both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. The result is A Quickening, an album that tells the story from the point of view of a prospective father-to-be, a figure both vital to the story and yet also somewhat removed, in awe of what the mother goes through and often helpless to do anything about it. WeeksÙ voice shimmers as it expresses feelings of love, fear and wonder that are overwhelming but still delicate. Drums trip, woodwind and brass can be heard, piano lines run in and out, vocals layer and guitars are few and far between. This is not the indie rock and roll that some may have predicted. You might think of Radiohead or Bon Iver. You might think of the wonder of Kate Bush. You might think of LambchopÙs late career electronic turn, replacing in that case Kurt WagnerÙs Nashville-inflected fragments with OrlandoÙs chiming and pure delivery, served up by way of South London. TRACKLISTING 1. Milk Breath 2. Blood Sugar 3. Safe In Sound 4. St. Thomas 5. Takes A Village 6. MoonÙs Opera 7. All The Things 8. Blame Or Love Or Nothing 9. None Too Tough 10. Summer Clothes 11. Dream


(No reviews yet) Write a Review