Penguin Cafe - Rain Before Seven… (Black LP Vinyl)

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Penguin Cafe
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Penguin Cafe - Rain Before Seven… (Black LP Vinyl)

A sense of optimism infuses Penguin Cafe’s fifth studio album Rain Before Seven… not the braggadocious, overconfident kind, but more a blithe, self-effacing optimism in keeping with the national character. Even when all signs point to the contrary, it operates within the certainty that things are going to be alright. Probably.

The title comes from an old weather proverb with the rhyming prognostication — fine before eleven — hinting at a happy ending, irrespective of the science: “I found it in a book and I'd never heard it before,” says Arthur Jeffes, leader of Penguin Cafe. “It has faintly optimistic overtones and I quite like it. It's fallen out of usage recently but it does describe English weather patterns coming in off the Atlantic.”

1. Welcome to London
2. Temporary Shelter from the Storm
3. In Re Budd
4. Second Variety
5. Galahad
6. Might Be Something
7. No One Really Leaves…
8. Find Your Feet
9. Lamborghini 754
10. Goldfinch Yodel


(No reviews yet) Write a Review