Pet Shop Boys - Dreamland (Vinyl)

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Pet Shop Boys
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Pet Shop Boys - Dreamland (Vinyl) They had us worried for a while, but the great news is that the Pet Shop Boys continue to support physical product with their singles and their latest ØDreamlandÙ will be available on both CD and vinyl. ØDreamlandÙ is the first single from their forthcoming Ó as yet unnamed Ó album and features Years & Years. The vinyl 12-inch simply contains four versions of ØDreamlandÙ of which the ØDreamland (TWD Dub)Ù is exclusive. TRACKLIST: 1.Dreamland 2.Dreamland (PSB Remix) 3.Dreamland (TWD vocal remix) 4.Dreamland (TWD Dub)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review