Pete Murray - Best Of (CD)

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Pete Murray
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Pete Murray - Best Of (CD)

Multi-platinum selling Pete Murray has released 7 albums and 2 EPs over an impressive 20-year career and is one of only a few Australian artists with over 1.2 million album sales under his belt, receiving 17 ARIA nominations throughout his career. Pete’s first three albums all reached #1 on the Australian music charts and his first album FEELER reached number 1 and remained in the Top 100 for two and a half years. BEST OF collection features Pete’s most popular 12x singles of the past 20 years, a must have collectable, all in one place, for any fan of the Australia’s Byron Bay icon.

1. Feeler
2. Free
3. Bail Me Out
4. Class A
5. Please
6. So Beautiful
7. Opportunity
8. Better Days
9. You Pick Me Up
10. Lines
11. Always A Winner
12. Saving Grace


(No reviews yet) Write a Review