Prince - Come (CD)

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Prince - Come (CD) "Come. Get Wild. Peace."—PRN, 1995 Brit Awards With the album cover art depicting Prince in front of a cemetery gate, and the years 1958-1993 scrawled under his birth name, it was clear that 1994 would mean the beginning of a new era for a newly reborn artist. Come would be the final album to be released under the name “Prince” until 2001’s The Rainbow Children, and it serves as the first chapter in a new era of his artistry—an era when he would simply be known by his unpronounceable symbol, and would establish himself as a commercially independent, revolutionary force in the music industry. TRACKLISTING 1. Come 2. Space 3. Pheromone 4. Loose! 5. Papa 6. Race 7. Dark 8. Solo 9. Letitgo 10. Orgasm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review