Slauson Malone 1 - Excelsior (CD)

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Slauson Malone 1
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Slauson Malone 1 - Excelsior (CD)

Based in Los Angeles, Slauson Malone 1 is the musical project and performance piece of artist Jasper Marsalis.

Following two critically acclaimed prior releases - 2019’s ‘A Quiet Farwell’, ‘2016-2018’ (Crater Speak) and 2020’s ‘Vergangenheitsbewältigung’ (Crater Speak) - Marsalis returns with ‘EXCELSIOR’, his 18-track debut album for Warp Records.

Slauson Malone 1 begins a headline US tour in October following a string of West Coast dates with King Krule

1. The Weather
2. House Music
3. Undercommons
4. Olde Joy
5. New Joy
6. Arms, Armor
7. Fission for Drums, Piano and Voice
8. Love Letter Zzz
9. Half-Life
10. The Great Wedge
11. I Hear A New World
12. No! (Geiger Dub)
13. Destroyer X
14. Voyager
15. Divider
16. Challenger
17. Decades, Castle
18. Romeo
19. Us (Tower of Love)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review