Sorry - Anywhere But Here (CD CD CD DIGIPAK / WALLET)

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Sorry - Anywhere But Here (CD CD CD DIGIPAK / WALLET) London once again features as a prominent character on Sorry’s second studio album, Anywhere But Here. ’If our first version of London in 925 was innocent and fresh-faced, then this is rougher around the edges. It's a much more haggard place,’ Louis says. Earwigged conversations, text messages, snatched speech recorded underground; the city’s discarded words fed into the lyrics which map the experience of urban life on a young and frustrated generation. Produced alongside Portishead’s Adrian Utley in Bristol, the result is an angular, acerbic, bittersweet triumph. TRACKLISTING Let The Lights On Tell Me Key To The City Willow Tree There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved I Miss The Fool Step Closer Baltimore Hem of the Fray Quit While You’re Ahead Screaming In The Rain Again


(No reviews yet) Write a Review