The Folk Implosion - Music For Kids (CD CD DIGIPAK / WALLET)

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The Folk Implosion
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The Folk Implosion - Music For Kids (CD CD DIGIPAK / WALLET)

The Folk Implosion draw you into their world and their groundbreaking work brought together here as Music For KIDS. This compendium draws together a flurry of activity from the band, comprised of Lou Barlow and John Davis, cantered around their original works that came to embody the lion’s share of the Kids soundtrack, along with b-sides, unreleased tracks and remixes from that time. Pursued by Harmony Korine, the enfant terrible who wrote the original screenplay of Kids, Barlow felt that Davis’ sensibilities lent themselves best to what he envisioned for the score rather than the aesthetics of his other music projects. Along with engineer/producer, Wally Gagel, the in-studio experimentation, and playfulness delivered an invaluable sonic counterpoint to the radical cinema it accompanied, made only stranger by the fact that ‘Natural One’ became a legitimate US Top 40 hit. This release marks the first time that The Folk Implosion’s Kids-related material will be available on streaming services.


1. Natural One
2. Nothing Gonna Stop
3. Wet Stuff
4. Jenny’s Theme
5. Crash
6. Daddy Never Understood
7. Simean Groove
8. Nasa Theme
9. Cabride
10. Raise The Bells
11. Insinuation
12. Burning Paper
13. Checking In
14. Wide Web
15. Park Dub
16. Natural One (UNKLE Remix)
17. Nothing Gonna Stop (Instrumental)
18. Insinuation (Dust Brothers Remix)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review