The Range - Mercury (CD DIGIPAK / WALLET)

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The Range
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Mercury, Hinton builds on the techniques he established on his critically acclaimed 2016 LPPotential, seeking to create human connection in the Internet age through sampling vocalists from the corners of YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope."I feel like I can find ways to express myself in ways that I'm too shy or unable to do in the real world,"Hinton says of the process.Mercuryis moody, transportive, and undeniably rave-infused, and although it is indebted to IDM mainstays and grime pioneers, the album finds Hinton pushing himself outside the constraints of any one specific genre. Tracklistings: 1.Bicameral 2.1995 3.Urethane 4.Ricercar 5.Not For Me 6.Relegate 7.A Tree Day 8.Balm 9.Cantor 10.Every Good Thing 11.Violet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review