Tink - Pillow Talk (Black 2LP Vinyl)

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Tink - Pillow Talk (Black 2LP Vinyl)

You never have to guess what Tink’s thinking. The Chicago-born songstress and rapper says it all in her music. She spits, speaks, and sings straight from the heart without filter or apology. At the same time, she breaks boundaries, dropping off bars with uncontainable charisma and belting out hooks with show-stopping range.

After raking in streams in the hundreds of millions and earning acclaim from Pitchfork, The Fader, Hyperbeast and more, she opens up like never before on her 2022 album, Pillow Talk.

1. Goin Bad
2. Switch
3. Opposite
4. Goofy
5. Cater (with 2 Chainz)
6. Throwback
7. Mine (with Muni Long)
8. 25 Reasons Interlude
9. Cum See Me (feat. Toosii)
10. Oooh Triflin (feat. Fabolous)
11. Balance
12. Drunk Text'n (with Layton Greene)
13. News (with Russ)
14. Ghetto Luv (feat. G Herbo)
15. Cum'n 2
16. I Choose Me


(No reviews yet) Write a Review