Triple One - The Libertine (5Th Anniversary Vinyl) (Transparent Purple LP VINYL ALBUM)

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Triple One
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Triple One - The Libertine (5Th Anniversary Vinyl) (Transparent Purple LP VINYL ALBUM)

After an epic 2022 complete with 2 national tours, one of which totally sold out, a blazing hot set at Splendour In The Grass, and a new project, the 4 piece genre-bending rap outfit, Triple One, take a moment to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of their underground cult classic debut EP, The Libertine. The ARIA Gold-Selling group are releasing a limited edition vinyl press of ‘The Libertine’ for the very first time replete with bonus tracks and a merch line courtesy of Marty Bugatti. ‘The Libertine’ ushered in a new era for hip-hop in Australia, with the group pushing the edges of what we expected rap to sound like. With the help of tastemaker Youtube channel Astari, Triple One all of a sudden were gaining impassioned fans from the US to Eastern Europe. Fans can expect to hear the EP in full, including the heartbreakingly honest Breakin’ Dawn, and the transcendent ballad, Lakes, and bonus track Autumn Collection, which remains a fan favourite and one of the groups biggest songs to date. There will also be a little easter egg for fans but you’ll have to play through the record to find it! This pressing is limited and the nostalgia is ultra so don’t miss your chance to have a piece of this Triple One history.

Side A
1. 6 Speed.
2. Ever Since.
3. Libertine.
4. Colours
Side B
1. Lakes
2. Breakin’ Dawn.
3. Autumn Collection (Bonus Track)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review