Waterfront (DVD)

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Waterfront (Dvd)
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Waterfront begins in one of the watershed years of this century, 1928. There is the specter of the Great Depression, increasingly rancorous class divisions, industrial disputes and rising unemployment. As the politicians watch for the most opportune moments to call and win an election, waterside workers around the country strike. Eventually, all except those in Melbourne return to work, the strike broken by the bosses' employment of unwitting Italian laborers, who, like the Australian workers, are hungry for work.

As the Melbourne wharfies continue to strike, too innocent and eager to consider that their struggle might be used as a pawn in a bigger, more sinister game, the issues of racism and survival are brought to the fore. Among this complex analysis of race and class are a wharfie, Maxey Woodbury (Jack Thompson) and an upper-class Italian migrant Anna Chieri (Greta Scacchi), whose roles encapsulate the situation at large. Waterfront is a moving and fearless depiction of life in Australia in the late 1920s. Jack Thompson received a logo for best actor for his performance in Waterfront.

Chris Thomson

Jack Thompson, Greta Scacchi

Year 1984
Catalogue Number 198631
Running Time 225 mins
Rating M
Format 4x3
Special Features None
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL


(No reviews yet) Write a Review