Winston Surfshirt - Panna Cotta (Standard CD CD)

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Winston Surfshirt
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Winston Surfshirt - Panna Cotta (Standard CD CD) ARIA double-platinum six-piece act, Winston Surfshirt, today officially announce their third full-length album, Panna Cotta arriving via Sweat It Out and BMG. Accompanying the news is the release of a new single, “Of Another Kind” featuring Milan Ring and Jerome Farah. A recipe of collaborative dreams, Panna Cotta sees Winston Surfshirt work with a wish-list of his favourite artists, seeing career-defining partnerships produce 15 tracks of accomplished and star-studded material. As Winston sings and swoons to ideas of love and life, a stand-out lineup of players and musicians step into the Winston universe, including Talib Kweli, Kimbra, Genesis Owusu, Dope Lemon, Young Franco, Ramirez, Devin the Dude, Milan Ring, and more, sending the signature Surfshirt sound into uncharted realms. Winston says on the forthcoming album: “Panna Cotta is the last dessert on the table, something for everyone to try, a bunch of different ingredients mixed together. I’d say it is my dream album that I wanted to hear Winston Surfshirt make. It's us ticking some names off our bucket list of features.” TRACKLISTING 1. Panna 2. All Of The Little Things (feat. Ramirez) 3. Theres Only One (feat. Genesis Owusu) 4. Maybe Im In Love With You (feat. Talib Kweli) 5. Tape 25 6. All Im Saying (feat. Kimbra) 7. 0421 (feat. Melodownz) 8. Love You To Bits (feat. Devin the Dude) 9. I Want You (To Be My Woman) (feat. Dope Lemon) 10. Complicated (feat. Young Franco) 11. Photos Of You (feat. SWSH) 12. Of Another Kind (feat. Milan Ring, Jerome Farah) 13. Tape 45 14. I Could Play The Part (feat. Pricie) 15. Cotta


(No reviews yet) Write a Review