Yaeji - What We Drew (Vinyl)

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Yaeji - What We Drew (Vinyl) What We Drew À ͘ is the new mixtape from Yaeji, produced entirely by Yaeji. Over the course of the past two years, Yaeji started writing the music for What We Drew with no specific narrative in mind, each track becoming a snippet of her life; a look into her diary. This total sense of freedom in her newly-built design and recording studio in Brooklyn allowed her to draw on a wide range of sounds, including the Korean indie rock and electronica that she listened to as a teenager in Seoul, late '90s and early 2000s hip hop and R&B she grew up listening to. Although the mixtape is much indebted to Yaeji's newfound laser focused creative vision and self-taught production work, it's largely informed by her network of close-knit collaborators and friends. Since the release of Yaeji's 2017 EP's (Yaeji and EP2), which broke her out as one of the most exciting new voices in dance music, she's produced remixes for Charlie XCX and Robyn. TRACKLISTING 1. MY IMAGINATION 2. WHAT WE DREW 3. IN PLACE 4. WHEN I GROW UP 5. MONEY CAN'T BUY (ft. Nappy Nina) 6. FREE INTERLUDE (ft. Lil Fayo, trenchcoat, Sweet Pea) 7. SPELL (ft. YonYon, G.L.A.M.) 8. WAKING UP DOWN 9. IN THE MIRROR 10. THE TH1NG (ft. Victoria Sin, Shy One) 11. THESE DAYS 12. NEVER SETTLING DOWN


(No reviews yet) Write a Review