Monsta X - The Dreaming (LP Indie Exclusive RED LP LP)

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Monsta X
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Monsta X - The Dreaming (LP Indie Exclusive RED LP LP) In 2020, the world found itself pulled physically apart. But despite the distance we were all still connected by one language: music. In 2020 MonstaX released their first all English-language debut, All About Luv, which ranked #5 on the US Billboard 200 Chart and was one of the first-ever full English pop albums from Korea. It's that spirit of global connection that threads through MonstaX's new album The Dreaming, the South Korean K-pop group's second English-language effort. The dynamic, thoughtful collection of songs examines what happens if we stop focusing on what's in front of our eyes and start imagining what it could be. The album suggests a better way of living by asking the listener to close their eyes and start dreaming. Tracklistings: 1. One Day 2. You Problem 3. Tied to Your Body 4. Whispers in the Dark 5. Blame Me 6. Secrets 7. About Last Night 8. Better 9. Blow Your Mind 10. The Dreaming


(No reviews yet) Write a Review